Center Balance

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Branding for a Reiki & Acupressure Center.

The logo is modern, clean and made with simple shapes creating a balanced composition. It is framed by brackets creating a square form as the sessions you are getting from this centre will be a break from your busy life, where you can relax and enjoy.

The font has some lines that are invisible same as the energy that Reiki uses that is something intangible. All together this logo describes what are you going to get in these sessions.

The branding is based in beautiful nature images where different elements from Acupressure appear. The use of the triangle as a spiritual shape allows us to flip the background image creating an interesting metaphor were we can see the same image from a different perspective. This is the change patients are going to receive from these sessions, being the same person but feeling and seeing things from a different angle or perspective, something almost intangible that only the patient can really feel.