Red Cross banner campaign

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The campaign aims to increase appointments in specific centres and locations when they are in need.

Driving appointments in ‘trouble’ times (for example public holidays or gloomy winters)
Increase Plasma appointments through our current donors (remarketing only)
We want to focus in 25-60 with a male skew, youth (18-25 years) and Older (60+).
We want to change the mindset “I just don’t think about giving blood”

Concept 1: Save lives

This route is unapologetically simple. With this campaign, we state what people’s blood donations do, which is save lives. This campaign simply offers the target audience the opportunity to ‘SAVE LIVES’.
And all they have to do is make an appointment.

Concept 2: Heroes needed – Don’t be a Don’ter

You could say that people who donate blood are ordinary, everyday Aussies. Or, you could say that they are a lot more than that, and easily refer to these people who selflessly give their blood – as heroes.

Because heroes put other people’s wellbeing before their own.

With this campaign we stroke the ego of our target audience, and invite them to become heroes.
And what person wouldn’t want to be referred to as a hero, especially as all they have to do is donate blood.